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Let's face it, club sports have gotten all out of whack. 

The seasons are too long, the costs are too high, and the emphasis is on the wrong things. We can't fix club sports, but we can try something different. 

Peake Volleyball Academy (PVA, formerly StoneBridge Volleyball Club) is different. We believe you can be competitive and have fun, too. Athletes can awaken their passion for a great sport, develop excellence on the court, and — most importantly — learn skills that will bear fruit for the rest of their lives. 

PVA is led by experienced coaches with a pedigree for winning in club, high school and college. Our coaching team has helped develop some of the best players in the area.  Most importantly, our coaching team is about creating a culture where thriving athletes and engaged families work together, and we keep it all in a greater context of our faith.

Building character.  Developing skills and confidence.  Discovering cohesion.  Learning how to compete and win....and, yes, having fun.

See you on the court!

Eric Plumlee, PVA Club Director